I have been a creative spirit for over 45 years, I'm an Arizona transplant from Chicago and my love for painting is at the top of my list, and living in two different climate extremes has helped me to appreciate the differences in hues and the range of colors in nature, and there are so many.

​Having that eye for the smallest detail and having those views from different perspectives, like Sculpting, Digital Art, Photography, Jewelry making, and 3D-Mixed Media Arts have helped me see so many angles of beauty and this allows me to paint intuitively.

I love this form of painting, because it does not confined me into a box, it can bring forth figures and forms within the colors on the canvas that is organically formed with movement and dance through the use of different techniques. 


I like to get to know the interests of my art collectors and what their aesthetic and art emotions are to help me see the best fit for their custom artwork.  The techniques I choose for an art collector should bring forth moods and emotions when viewed from time to time and opening the window to see different pieces of beauty that were not noticed before. Which becomes that special and emotional connection for the viewer.

I choose colors that give balance and form to my designs and I love to try different color combinations that pop and make the eye dance, like glow-in-the-dark pigments, metallic colors, pearls and vibrant neon colors.

​​When I have an idea in mind and the paints hit the canvas I can direct the paints to where I want them to go, but ultimately it does what is organic in the flow and creates the fluid drifts of motion and imaginary scenes that is uniquely creating that one-of-a-kind, sometimes adding other elements to bring the dance of paints together in a story of serendipity, creating a compelling piece of art made by me.  

Finally, my goal in my creation is to bring love and joy with thought and imagination to the viewer, that will become a conversation piece for years to come.


Come take a look through my window of color and see the dances of beauty I see... 

 ~Yvonne Mahoney King


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